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Display Usage

Written by on October 24, 2006

This page is a part of "Actual Browser Sizes"

Before we look at the actual browser usage. Let's take a look at screen itself.

Screen resolutions

1024x768 is not surprisingly the dominant screen resolution, but 800x600 has dropped to only 5%. The interesting thing to notice is that large screen resolutions are growing strong. It was only a few years ago when 800x600 was the dominant size and very high resolution screens simply didn't exists.

Optimizing for small screens is still relevant if you want to support mobile devices, like PDA's, mobile phones and varies forms of mobile game boxes. A usage trend I expect to grow over the coming years.

Display ratios

Widescreen usage is surprisingly high at 16%, probably because of the many widescreens that has been introduced within the past years. Tablet and dual screen usage is still very rare - both at about 0.8%

Screen colors

Nothing new here...

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