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2016 for Brands, Magazines and News: What to Act On




Written by on January 3, 2016

It's this time of year again where everyone is trying to predict what 2016 will be like. I'm not going to do that here. Predicting the future is great if you are talking about how things will evolve over the next 10-20 years (or more), but it's absolutely hopeless for talking about what brands should be doing in 2016.

2016 isn't the future. It's here, now! And while many things will change in 2016, the actual trends have a much longer time span.

The biggest problem is that, when you are predicting something, people have a tendency to react to it in a passive way, even if you are completely right.

I would say: "In 2016, [this] will happen", and people would go: "Hmmm... okay. Let's wait and see if you are right."

They are going to wait? Seriously?

So, in this article, I'm not going to predict what will happen in 2016. Instead, I will talk about the trends that influence it, and what you need to do in order to win 2016.

This article is also special in that it combines the outlook for brands, for magazines and for newspapers. Obviously, 2016 will impact each market in different ways, but it's important for you to read about each to get the bigger perspective.

One of the big problems that we saw in 2015 was that publishers and brands were working against each other. This caused the already big problem we have with digital advertising to be even bigger.

We need to be smarter about this. We need to put our audiences first.

This is what this article is about. It's about what you need to do in 2016, from the perspective first of brands, then of magazines, and finally of newspapers.

Sound good?

2016 for Brands

In 2016, there are two major topics that will impact brands' ability to succeed. These are the changes in social and the changes in advertising. It's not that these changes might happen in 2016. These are all changes that are already happening, and have been happening for a while, but they are now reaching a critical point where you have to act.

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