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Yahoo messenger WPF showcase

Written by on January 9, 2007

I have been talking a lot about WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), because I think it is really pushing us to make applications at a completely new level of user experience. We see a lot of cool things on the web - but they are all built in this low-definition environment.

I am not excited when people develop drag'n'drop or instantaneous update in a web application - because I have been able to do that for ages in my desktop application. Sure it is nice that we can now mimic some of the desktop interaction on the web - but I feel like I am going back in time.

The new applications made with WPF is a step in the other direction - into the future.

The latest example is Yahoo's Messenger for Vista (not released yet). It is currently being showcased at CES (Consumer Electronic Show 2007) - and even though most of the differences seems small it has a much higher user experience.

It is like comparing Windows 2000 with Windows Vista (or Mac OS 9 vs. Mac OS X) - I can write emails in both systems, but it is much more fun using Vista (Mac OS X).

ยป Watch a video presentation of Yahoo Messenger for Vista

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