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Change on too

Written by on January 21, 2009

A lot of internet professionals see President Barack Obama as a person that can show the world the importance of the internet. That the internet is not just a secondary way to communicate, but has to be treated as an essential, and all important way to connect to the people.

So far he hasn't let us down. He ran one of the most internet centric campaigns ever in the history, of not just the presidential elections, but in the election of any politician in the world. He even created and maintained a very detailed site during the few months of being presidential elect - over at

Now that he has moved into the White House, the official presidential website, the, has been completely transformed as well. Including weekly videos, a blog, proclamations, executive orders, what they are trying to do, who they are, and - most importantly - ways for the American people to participate.

Also note that the White House use YouTube, not only via the official YouTube channel, but more so directly from the blog articles at (one example). BTW: Where is the official White House Facebook page?

As an internet professional myself, I really welcome this particular change. First we had Apple announcing that it would focus its attention away from fairs, and instead spent it online because it was more effective. Now we have a very high-profile US President embracing the internet as well.

Maybe now, companies will realize that the internet is not just a website, with some contact information and a few pictures of your products. The internet is where you communicate, it is where you get people to act, it is where you help people to get involved, and it is incredibly cost-effective (if done right).

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