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Biggest Website Mistakes 1995-2015

Written by on October 5, 2007

Vincent Flanders have created a list of the 15 worst website mistakes people have made since 1995 - and will continue to make until 2015 - because, as he writes, "It's human nature to repeat mistakes".

In short they are:

  1. Believing people care about you and your website
  2. A man from mars can't figure out what your website is about in less than four seconds
  3. Using design elements that get in the way of your visitors
  4. Thinking your website is your marketing strategy
  5. Have you ever seen another website? Really? Doesn't look like it
  6. Navigational failure
  7. Using Mystery Meat Navigation
  8. Site lacks Heroin Content
  9. Forgetting the purpose of text
  10. Too much material on one page
  11. Confusing web design with a magic trick
  12. Misusing Flash
  13. Misunderstanding the use of graphics
  14. Mystery belief in the power of web standards, usability and tableless CSS
  15. Misusing JavaScript

Read the "Biggest Website Mistakes 1995-2015"

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