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Wall-of-Fame Crowd-sourcing Digital Graffiti

Written by on April 6, 2011

Social media is a pretty wide topic, and there are so many difference ways to use. One thing that caught my attention yesterday was the new Wall-of-Fame.

Wall-of-fame is a simple, but brilliant concept. It provides a space for people to express themselves through drawings, in real time. You can start your own drawing or modify someone else's.

And you can follow the process of all the other users on the site and post real-time comments - while they are working. Here is Sue, hard at work on a kitten.

And, of course, every part is sharable.

Not surprisingly, for a public display like this one, you will see all kinds of drawings. From the beautiful drawings, to sinister and destructive ones. You will see drawings being vandalized, and others being improved. It's social!

The entire thing is a marketing gimmick from "Edding," who manufacture the pens. As Edding puts it:

Hi! Welcome to the Wall of Fame, editing's real-time drawing board. Unlimited space to immortalize yourself. Meet other people while using the pen. Draw with or against them. Discover, comment and share. Be inspired by half a century of edding history Make a name for yourself with your creativity. Have fun.

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