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TypePad is out

Written by on May 4, 2004

Before I begin I would like to point out that TypePad is by no account a bad product. It fully supports what it is intended for - being an easy to use, hosted, blog solution. I was very impressed with TypePad during beta testing and I am still impressed how easy it is to setup blogs and start writing to the world.

But, I was not using TypePad as one normally would. And now I have dropped it for this site (though, I am still going to use it for other projects).

I used TypePad as a content database - handling my articles - using another server for projects, and finally using my main server (where you are now) to pull it all together to create a consistent output. That is 3 servers, located in different parts of the world, with different providers and technologies, all working together as one single server.

All theses systems communicated using XML. This includes TypePad which I had to modify extensively so that it outputted pure XML instead of XHTML.

But, although TypePad can be made to create XML, it fails creating a consistent feed of data to external servers - and that is not just when using XML. I have noticed this with all my TypePad Blogs. It is most easily noticed with the RSS and Atom feeds. When writing an article, the RSS feed updates almost instantly, while the Atom feed would stall for a period of time before serving the new content.

The same happens when you are trying to pull data from TypePad to another server. You do not always get what is really there - instead you get what used to be there some time ago. It is like TypePad remembers the information and if the page cannot be reached fast enough it shows the old version instead.

The most striking example was that it often would show the updated content for a time, then suddenly forget all about it, and start showing only the old stuff.

I need to be able to have a consistent output. I want to able to tell something is on my site - and be sure it is really there. I have tried finding on why this happens, but since I can get it to work with every other system than TypePad I have really just given up on it.

TypePad is out Baekdal.CMS is in and now the site works as it should.

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