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The Shift - My Next Book

Written by on June 22, 2011

Yesterday, I started writing the outline for my next book. The working title is "The Shift: From print, to digital and beyond." It is partly inspired by Pixar's Buzz Lightyears motto "To infinity and beyond" because that is really where publishing is heading.

The new world seems limitless compared to the traditional world.

The concept of the book is to invite you on the journey to the new world of publishing - or specifically the future world of publishing. A world in which publishers can't use the internet to give away their products for free. A world in which value outranks everything else. And a world in which content flows like water.

It is going to be about trends, platforms, devices, mobile, global, sharing, communicating, articles that aren't articles, and most importantly the shift "beyond" part.

So, I started writing the outline yesterday. I haven't even begun actually writing the content yet. But once completed (maybe in August), it will join the ranks of Baekdal Plus (just like my first book). And like my first book, it will be free for all Baekdal Plus Subscribers.

So what do you think? Where do you think we are heading? Interesting, Go, no go?

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