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The Many Trends of 2011

Written by on January 3, 2011

Every year I used to write an article about the upcoming trends an article that I know many are looking forwards to. But, this year there is a problem; Everyone seems to have been publishing 2011 trend articles.

Just to name one, you have "100 Things to Watch in 2011."

While many of these articles are very interesting, they all lack one fundamental element - focus!

"100 predictions" are useless, because it says that everything might happen. It doesn't provide you with any value. You need to know what trends that are the really important ones. If you want be successful in 2011, what should you focus on?

So this year I have decided not to write a trend article. It would just add to the confusion. Instead, over the next 4 weeks, I'm going write a number of articles about the macro-trends. The trends that create all these other trends.

These macro trends are:

We can then talk about the specific trends. One example: The ebook trend isn't about print to digital. It is really about indirect to direct consumption. The format is less important than the path.

While you wait though, here are some of the many predictions out there for 2011 (some of them is quite good):

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