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The iPhone Experience

Written by on October 29, 2008

It is rare that I get to show you some of the things I do for a living, but today is an exception. I recently finished a project for 5 fashion companies. It is a special web experience for the iPhone. And it is something that I am quite excited about.

Before I start to talk about it, I just want to show you a short video of how it looks and works. You can see the latest fashion videos, the latest campaign, and all the styles from the latest collections. And you can locate one of the shops directly on Google maps.

You navigate using touch (of course). Simply swipe your finger from left to right to go from one image to the next. Under collection you can flick your finger up and down to change the category between tops, dresses, skirts, pants and all the other categories. You can tap on a picture to see the name of the style.

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(Note: You need Flash 9+ to watch these videos)

(also on YouTube)

This web experience was created for 5 clothing companies: b.young, ICHI, Gestuz, Frank Q and EdaMae.

The really challenging part was to create an application-like experience - in safari. We decided to design a web application, as opposed to an application that you download via the App Store.

We spend about 7 days figuring out how to create a touch based website and how to create the visual animations when you move from one part to another. I have created a lot of web applications, but this is the first time that I have created an application where touch, tab and swiping is the main interaction principles.

It is actually quite fun to do. It is also a very different way to interact. As an interaction designer, you will find that touch based devices requires a completely new way of thinking, with its own set of problems and challenges.

Just to give you two examples. People do not move their fingers in a straight line, and there is quite a bit of "wobbling" when you lift your finger from the screen.

You can see it LIVE at their websites. It will automatically detect if you are coming from on an iPhone :)

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