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Something to think about... / blog has found a new home

Written by on August 25, 2006

The move of to a new and stabile server is complete. You are now on the new server.

A few things have changed behind the scenes. The databases has been migrated to MSSQL (instead of MySQL). I personally prefer it, as I find MSSQL to be better and a more capable database system. In my initial test is seems to be a lot faster too.

A few bugs in handling comments has been fixed.

The new server is much bigger than the old one (and cheaper too). It is just as fast though, both the old host and the new one is connected to the internet through a OC-48 line (2488mbit).

My apologies to those who have experienced problems. If you have tried to send me an email within the past 3 weeks, please resend it. I have not able to receive them - and since they was send to the old server they are now permanently lost.

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