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Google Sketchup 6 released

Written by on January 11, 2007

Google has released a new version of Sketchup, adding mostly presentation effects (see new feature list). Sketchup is the most user friendly 3D modeling tool I know - and a tool I have been using for varies projects (mostly private stuff).

Download Sketchup 6 for free - see video tutorials

BTW: Sketchup does not include lighting features. You can see shadows, but they are calculated based on the position of the sun. You cannot add second light sources, and that is very big annoyance. This is especially irritating when you are designing interiors. The light source, being the virtual sun, is only coming through the windows, which is not that usable (especially for interiors facing North).

My House

Here is a house I made with Sketchup 5 (the previous version). You can also see higher quality images in the Photo Gallery.

Sketchup is a really fun tool to use, I highly recommend it. But, I wish that Google would focus more on 3D than the low-tech stuff for Google Earth and the presentation junk.

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