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Sketchup 2045, today?

Written by on April 17, 2009

A few days ago I posted the article about World Builder - a short film demonstrating a way for architects and builders to create the world of they're dreams using holographic projection. Aku commented, "Someone needs to invent a time machine soonish or I'll go mad with anticipation". But do we really need to wait? Could we do it today?

Eon Reality is currently selling a rather convincing 3D cube, in which you can move around in 3D. This would provide the rich visual feedback that we would need. Several car companies are already using some form of this to design cars.

(via IDEO Labs)

The 3D effect is created simply by wearing a pair of 3D glasses, and that opens up for the holographic projection. It would be a rather simple task to overlay a secondary image as a heads-up display, to provide the appearance of the holographic interface.

Finally you could use the Wii, an infrared lamp, and some reflective tape, to track and convert the movements of your hand and fingers. Much like Johnny Chung Lee did with his Wii presentations, that I wrote about some time ago. .

It wouldn't be real holographic projection, but it would come pretty close.

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