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Site Redesigned

Written by on August 23, 2004

Welcome to the new improved Finally some would say, at least those who knew how long this redesign has been underway.

In March 19, 2004 I re-launched - in a graphic style that was simple. It was created with 95% functionality and 5% design. This new design is a bit different - it is still based on functionality over design for most parts, but the design is now a more prominent factor. I would say that it is 30% designed and 70% functionality.

Did you just change the CSS file?

Well, almost. In order to create the new design I only added a single div "<div id="body">" to the template - and that was only added because of some strange browser bug handling relatively placed <li>'s with negative margin. I tried working around this in the CSS file for about an hour - but eventually gave up.

The front and section pages were a different matter altogether. They changed from being coded as any other form of content - to being purely gateways to the content. This required a rather drastic remodeling of the underlying code. The front page in particular was recoded from the ground up.

New things

Search is a very important, and the old site did not feature such functionality. It did not even support it since the underlying data core could not integrate its data into a single search function.

The search function also features a technology showcase - a Knowledge Analysis System. It is a system that analyzes what you search for and - apart from showing you the search results - provides you with specific knowledge. This is an early alpha prototype and it needs a lot of additional work before it can be used effectively- but it is the next step in making information systems useful.

Try searching for "Thomas", "usability" or "email" - and notice how the white "knowledge box".

I plan to write more in-depth article about some of the new features. So as they say on TV - stay tuned.

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