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Written by on November 5, 2007

As you might have noticed this site has gone green - at least for the duration of this month. The purpose is to raise awareness to the "planet crisis", more specifically that we need to do something to prevent global warming.

When it comes to protecting the environment there are five types of people in this world:

  1. The "I waste, therefore I am" type
  2. The "it is not my problem" type
  3. The "I try, but it is just too inconvenient" type
  4. The "I love the stone age" type
  5. The "I help by smarter thinking" type
  6. Update: The "I do what I can" type

You fit into one, or possibly two, of these types - everyone does - but let me explain what they are about.

I waste, therefore I am

This is the scum of our planet. These are the kind of people who throw out garbage on the highway. These are the companies who use materials that pollutes, when they could do the same using environmentally friendly alternatives (even at the same price). This is the captain that dumps oil and chemicals into our oceans.

These are the people who know that they are doing the wrong thing, but do it anyway. And, these are the people we should fight.

It is not my problem

This is by far the largest group of all. These are the people who occasionally hear about Global Warming and other environmental issues, but it doesn't sink in. It is not their concern; someone else must solve the problem - if there really is one.

I can partly understand this. The environment as a whole is just too much for anyone to handle, and the easiest way is then to say: "Well, I really do not understand it - and what can I do, I am just one person. Let's leave it to the government and the scientist".

But, guess what - it is time to change your mind. The best part about helping the environment is that you will have more money for yourself. If you buy fluorescent light bulbs, you will save money on your electric bill. Buy a new laptop, instead of a desktop computer. Get a 52" flat screen TV or a new refrigerator. Not only is it something you want, but it uses less energy - thus saves you money and it helps the environment.

I try, but it is just too inconvenient

This is the second largest group of people - and one that is growing every day. These are the people who do care about the environment, they think something should be done, and they try to do their part. But, they have found that being environmentally friendly means giving up parts of the quality of life. It gets in the way of living.

Environmentalists say that you should stop driving your own car, and instead use public transport. A good idea if you live in the middle of London or New York, but not really practical for the rest of us.

I live about 10 miles from my office, and I spend 50 minutes of transport every day when driving my own car (which I do). If I instead had to use public transport, my travel time would increase to 3 hours. And, if I happened to miss the bus, I would have to spend between 30 minutes to an hour waiting for the next one to arrive.

Instead of spending 50 minutes in my car, I would have to spend 3-4 hours in a bus.

This is the problem people face when trying to be environmentally friendly. Some things simply gets in the way. But don't give up. There are a lot of other things that you could do instead.

I love the Stone Age

This group mostly consists of a few scientists and some politicians. It is the kind of people who compare the level of pollution today with the level of pollution 200 years ago. They find that we are now polluting more, and then proclaim that we should do what we did then.

The result is that these people think we should ban the use of cars - sometimes even buses and trains. That plastic should be outlawed or at least have an environmental tax. These are the kind of people who dream about living in a hut in the middle of nowhere - in balance with nature.

The unfortunate thing is that this group gets more press coverage than all other groups combined. And, this group is really the ones to blame for the inaction in the general population.

On one side we got lobbyist from varies polluting industries, and on the other these crazy environmentalists. But the general population - you and me - don't want either. We want to live in a modern, innovative world, which also protects the environment. We don't want pollution, but we do not want to live like our ancestors did either.

I help by smarter thinking

The last group is the one that I think is the most important - because they have the solution. The way to solve the environmental crisis is not to stop living, or stop progress and the advancement of the human race. The solution is to be smart, to come up with new ingenious ways to do things.

The people in this group help by inventing new technologies that allows us to move forward in an environmentally friendly way. These are the ones who invented solar power, biodiesel, fluorescent light pulps, wind turbines, and hybrid engines.

This is the way to solve the environmental crisis. Think smarter.

The car is not the problem. The problem is the fuel. We have already started to think smarter with biodiesel and hybrid engines - imagine what we could do in 5 years if we continue to use our brains.

Update: I do what I can

"Maiaoming" wrote (in the comments) below that I was missing this category - I agree!

i do wonder if there isn't a category you're missing, though - the "i do what i can" group - people who recycle, try to buy green products if they can afford them, who replace their lights little by little, etc. - they're not the Big Thinkers of your last category, but the Little Doers... I'd hate to see them left out - and they're the ones who will really determine if habits will change - which is the tough part of all of this - it's fine to have Big Ideas, even Legislation, but if everyday behavior doesn't shift, these won't go anywhere...

- Maiaoming

What can you do

What can you do about this? There are 4 things you need to do:

  • start to care
  • create awareness
  • be a smart person
  • Think about the environment every time you buy something - and buy the right product.



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