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New feed for 'What You Need To Know'

Written by on July 20, 2011

My link collection series is now in a separate feed. You can find it here.

As might be aware of, every day (well almost) I publish a collection of the most important link for that day - within the confines of new media. It was immediately a big hit when launched it over 7 months ago, but it meant that my feeds dramatically increased in volume.

This introduced a problem of information overload. People I have suggested that I did one of three things.

1: Drop it entirely, because many of my readers already have more links than what they can handle.

I can certainly understand that, as I too see more than one thousand links every day. But when I asked on Twitter if I should drop, another group immediately jumped in saying "NO!! Don't do that. It is really valuable to me."

2: Keep it but put it into a separate feed. Give people a choice!

That was also a very good idea, and exactly what I have done now (check the link above).

3: We don't have time to read every link, could you provide a summary of each story, so that we only have to click on the links that matter to us?

Also a very good suggestion, which, unfortunately, isn't practically feasible. You see, while "What You Need To Know Today" is very popular, they only last for one day. And the result of that is that the advertising per "What you need..." article is only about $3.

Yup... that's it.

Because the time-frame is so short, it never grows to a point where it is economically sound. I'm basically running "What You Need to Know" at a loss.

I can certainly understand why you want me to write a summary, but the numbers just doesn't add up. The extra time spent would require 10 times as much traffic. With a time-span being only a single day, it simply isn't possible.

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