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Multi-touch Whiteboard - Wii Style

Written by on December 23, 2007

Johnny Chung Lee, from Carnegie Mellon University, is making wonders with his Wii remote. First of all he has turned it into a multi-touch receiver that you can use for whiteboards - or practically any surface you can think of.

Here is the video:

His first attempt, as you can see in this video (below), looks much more technical. Instead of using a pen - he uses reflective tape and his fingers to control a TV. It is still very impressive, but needs some "design" :)

Then he moves on to create the most impressive 3D experiences I have ever seen. There are so many potentials with this kind of technology. Not just for the obvious - for games - but just think about the possibilities in terms of interaction design.

People have been trying to create 3D interfaces for as long as I can remember, but all of them have failed - again short of games - because it was displayed on a 2D screen. Now you got a 3D interface on a (simulated) 3D screen.

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