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Chocolate and Books Equals More Sale

Written by on August 2, 2013

Scientists in Belgium has found that the scent of chocolate in a book store increases the sale by 20%.

Of course, they could just have asked fashion stores about this, where scent has been an element for the past 15 years... or the car industry ... or ... the dating industry ... or... (this is not a new discovery).

It's all about matching your brain patterns with an action. People usually have a positive association with chocolate as being something you enjoy when you relax. Books cover the same area, so mixing the two produce positive results.

It's not just chocolate. It's the emotion that a specific scent induces.

What is interesting, thought, is that they found that mixing chocolate scent with books made people less goal-oriented: "A field study with 201 participants shows that a chocolate scent positively influences general approach behavior and negatively influences goal-directed behavior in a bookstore."

BTW: On a somewhat related note, many fashion stores have abandoned the use of scent because of the potential allergic reaction people have to it. Scents is generally speaking a chemical 'perfume' that is introduced into the air. And some people have an allergic reaction to it. And, at least, when I was working for a fashion company, we started to the question the long-term health effects of having store assistants exposed to these chemicals all day.

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