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iPhone Users have Problems Spelling

Written by on November 14, 2007

When Apple's iPhone was unveiled, a lot of usability professionals expressed concerns that the touch-screen interface might prove to be harder to use - despite its impressive user-friendly design. Now it seems that they are right - at least with some part of the iPhone user experience.

ComputerWorld reports that people using an iPhone makes more than double the amount of mistakes when text-messaging compared with other types of phones - according to a usability study by "User Centric".

The researchers found that while iPhone users entered text as fast as their counterparts, they made significantly more texting errors. iPhone users made 5.6 errors per message, while keyboard users made 2.1 mistakes per message and numeric phone typers made 2.4 mistakes.

- ComputerWorld

They also found that people do not improve over time, which is something that concerns me more than the initial error rate.

Surprisingly, the study found that iPhone texters don't improve with experience. The researchers also asked users in the other groups to send text messages using the iPhone. These novice iPhone users made mistakes at the same rate as people who have owned iPhones for at least one month, the study found.

- ComputerWorld

Head over to User Centric to learn more about this study.

(via ComputerWorld)

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