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iPad magazines and newspapers who are focusing on daily, weekly or monthly issues, front covers, flipping pages, etc. are designing for a world where consumption is something you sit down and do.



Written by on June 8, 2011

There are many studies about how people use the iPad, and how you, based on these studies, should think about the iPad. The research is telling us that the iPad is primarily used in the evening, in the living room and in the bedroom. It is a device people use to relax, to unwind etc. It is apparently not an active device like a laptop -- except, of course, for all the games.

At a recent event, Mario Gacia said that because of this, "the iPad is an evening companion," and "the consumers shift their focus to prime time."


We have not yet seen how people are really going use the iPad. People haven't changed yet. The iPad is not sufficiently connected yet. App developers have not yet matured. The business side of iPad use has not even started yet.

None of the studies out there tells the true story. They tell the story of how people use the iPad *before the shift*.

What is yet to come is the shift itself.

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