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IPad Stand for Your Hammock

Written by on May 23, 2011

The iPad has literally taken over my digital life. I use it everywhere, short of the bathroom. I use it in mar car, when I am parked some strange place to get some uninterrupted work done. I use it outside working. It has almost replaced my TV. I read books on it. Catch up on the latest news with it, and watch movies on it in bed.

I own a very flexible Twelvesouth Compass iPad stand, which I very much like. But it doesn't work well when you are using your iPad on your couch, in bed, or in a hammock. In fact, no iPad stand really work in any of those places.

Until now.

John Albano is behind the new startup creating the Tavoletta. It is a brilliant iPad (or Kindle) stand that you can use on any uneven or soft surface. Like in your bed, on the top of your legs, propped up on a pillow, at the beach - you name it.

The Tavoletta is an iPad and Kindle stand designed specifically for when you are relaxing or lying down. It is perfect for watching movies in bed, surfing the web on the couch or reading in your comfy chair.
The Tavoletta uses a unique design that can hold your iPad or Kindle straight up-and-down for great viewing, unlike other stands that require it to be tilted back at an angle. Unlike other stands that rely on gravity and perfect balance, the Tavoletta is forgiving if you need to, heaven forbid, shift your weight or cough or do any of those other things us humans tend to do that our desks don't.

The Tavoletta is launched as a Kickstarter project, which is a great way to test out new ideas in the market. Their aim is to get people to pledge a total of $30,000 before they will create the molds for producing the real thing. You can pledge anything between $1-$250 dollars.

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