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Interactive Water

Written by on July 7, 2008

Water is a very common thing, and not surprisingly it is also the subject of many interactive experiments. Here are some of them.


Mike Burton allows you to get creative with water, without getting wet, using this interactive wall.

You can draw obstacles on the wall, to change how the water flows. Or you can simply stand in front of it and use your entire body as an obstacle (which must be ultra-multi-touch).

Another interesting feature is how different types of water reacts. "Dry land" will react to nearby water sources and grow plants. Pools of flowing water will quickly produce different types of life. And stale water will get dirty and unpleasant including the present of flies.

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There are a lot of experiments going on with interactive multi-touch walls, but this is one of the more creative examples.

(via Next Nature and RSA)

Water Faucet

Jelmer Moorman has created this water faucet that automatically follows your hands. The interesting bit is that the water turns from cold to hot depending on where your hands are. It is cold on the left side, which gradually turns hotter the more you move to the right.

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It is strikingly simple, but absolutely remarkable.

(via Engadget)

Water Bubbles

The last interactive concept is from Nicolas B├╝chi, who has created a display made out of real water tanks instead of a LCD screen, in which you can control the movement and quantity of bubbles by dipping you hand into 3 pools of water.

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It is a nice example of mixing physical objects and digital interaction.

(via The Liquid Display)

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