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Intelliau Robotic Cat

Written by on May 18, 2004

We have taken the best things about cats, and removed some of the worst. Then we created the world's first life-like robotic cat. Intelliau/2 Robotic Cat will not feel like a robot, it will feel like a real cat.

Watch out dogs, there is a new cat in town!

100% robotic cat with a CENERV "brain"and life-like behaviors The Intelliau/2 robotic cat can walk, run, purr, listen, play, and even ignore you - all the things you would like a cat to do.

It is perfectly safe, even for small children. Its composite fiber body is unbreakable and flexible, making the Intelliau/2 feel like a cat.

A closer Look

What would you like in a cat? It should...

  • Greet you when you come home
  • Be there for you, but not take your time (like dogs)
  • Play
  • Alert you if the house is on fire
  • Be good with kids
  • Not eat your goldfish :)
  • Not need "maintenance", like having to feed it
  • Not wake you up in the middle of the night
  • Not bring dead mice into your home - or live ones for that matter...
  • Live forever

So we designed just that - here is the Intelliau/2™ Robotic Cat It looks, acts, and feels like a real cat - without the negative sides.

It will make your feel better

An Intelliau/2™ Robotic Cat can help you improve your life. Its build-in healing power helps you:

  • Reduce stress
  • Lower your blood pressure, especially with older persons
  • Make you happy

There is nothing like holding and petting a soft, purring, vibrating Intelliau/2™ Robotic Cat

Who should buy a robotic cat?

The Intelliau/2™ Robotic Cat is especially suited for these people

  • Older persons
  • Single persons
  • Families with one children
  • Active business people

Notice: The Intelliau Robotic Cat is just a concept - it is not a real product

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