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Impressive Foursquare Stats

Written by on May 9, 2010

Foursquare Grader has compiled a list of the percentage of people who have been rewarded a badge on Foursquare. This tells us a lot about how it is being used. Most social networks have a relatively low activity rate, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

  • 98.59% have checked in at least once.
  • 93.97% have checked into 10 different venues.
  • 79.20% have checked into 25 different venues.
  • 57.41% have checked into 50 different venues.
  • 77.38% have checked into 30 or more times in a month.

These are the highest numbers I have ever seen for any online service.

One thing to remember though, is that Foursquare badges are based on reaching certain goals, they are not an indication of continuous use.

The 77.38%, who have check in 30 times or more in a month, only indicates that they have reached 30 or more check ins in a single month, not that they do so every month.

That is important distinction. It tells us that the activity level on Foursquare is quite high, and most people have actually used it a lot. From that, however, we can then only guess at how active people are over time.

You can see the full stats for all Foursquare badges over at Foursquare Grader.

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