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Arrgghh I feel outdated

Written by on September 22, 2008

One of the big problems with technology is that it is impossible to keep up - unless you happen to be a billionaire, which, unfortunately, I am not. Remember when I said I had bought the new HTC Touch Diamond 2½ months ago? Now HTC is coming out with the HTC Touch HD, and I want that instead.

I really like my HTC Touch Diamond, but it is very slow at times, and the screen is too small to do anything serious with. The HTC Touch HD seems to solve most of these problems. The screen is 3.8 inch instead of 2.8 inch. It got a staggering 480x800 WVGA resolution, as opposed to just VGA. And it has twice as much RAM/ROM, which is probably going to make it faster. Not to mention a 5 megapixel camera, and 50% longer battery life.

Why didn't I wait 2½ months? This is unfair!

Note: I didn't know about the HTC Touch HD when I bought the Diamond, so at least I got a good excuse.

You can also see a video here, with some French dudes giving it a spin. With English Subtitles

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