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How can I Help You?

Written by on February 21, 2011

As you can read in "What The Heck is Baekdal Plus," there are four basic requirements to any Plus article. It must cut trough the clutter, tie into the bigger picture and long-term effect, be in-depth, and it must provide advice to you.

The last part is the key. is just a magazine, but Baekdal Plus is advice, insight, and trend forecasting - for you!

I got a lot of interesting articles coming up. My "drafts" folder currently contains 103 partially written articles, or ideas for some. But what I really want to know, is how can I help you?

Ask me a question!

Here is the deal. If you got a question for me, something about new media or something you think Baekdal Plus can help you with, send it to!

The questions can be about anything that I usually cover on Changes in digital media, future media trends, social media planning, use of strategies, etc.

I will then answer each of these questions in the form of a Plus article. Think of it as a way for you to, directly, influence what I should write about.

Questions & answers?

Questions: Can I ask you about anything?
Answer: You can ask, but I can only answer the questions that I know how to answer. Also, the question can be too specific for me to post about on Baekdal Plus. I cannot write about what you should do specifically, but rather what people in your situation should do as a whole.

Question: Will you answer every question?
Answer: I will answer all the question that I can. Keep in mind that most Plus articles often takes a long time to write. I cannot promise to answer every question.

Question: I am not a PLUS subscriber, but can I still ask a question?
Answer: Everyone is welcome to send me questions, but specific answers will only be published in the form of a PLUS article. Compared to an agency or consultant it is a pretty good deal.

Question: Can I ask about what strategy to make?
Answer: Of course! I write about strategy all the time. But I can only write about strategy as a whole. For strategic development, specifically for your project or brand, contact me via my company at "Baekdal Media".

Thomas :)

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Thomas Baekdal

Thomas Baekdal

Founder of Baekdal, author, writer, strategic consultant, and new media advocate.


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