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One Step Closer to the Holosuite

Written by on August 9, 2009

Every Star Trek fanatic dream about the holosuite. A room in which you have holographic projections that looks like the real thing - and that you can touch, feel and interact with. We are now one step closer to that dream.

Researchers at Shinoda Lab have created a hologram that, combined with infrared, some Wii remotes, and ultra sound, creates the effect of feel.

Here is how it works.

Of course, this isn't really a hologram (not a real one anyway), but it does present a very interesting development in tactile feedback. Imagine what it could do with games. You could play the boxing game on your Wii and actually feel getting punched in the face. Hmmm... Nice.

Or in a more serious part of the world, this kind of technology opens up a lot of very interesting possibilities, mostly in the field of distant multi-touch interactions. Like operating your TV without having to touch the screen.

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