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Flickr Video

Written by on April 9, 2008

Flickr has finally opened up for the one thing that, in my opinion, was holding it back - video.

This is great news, and certainly something I am going to use. But, it is still not ready for "full use".

  • It is only available for Pro-users (not a problem for me, since I am one). I actually think this is a pretty good move, since it will prevent video pirates from uploading copyrighted content
  • They must be under 90 seconds in length, which is far from enough - most of my videos are 3-4 minutes in average. Many of them are close to 10 minutes.
  • They must not be over 150 MB in size, which is a rather strange limitation. The size of the original file is of little importance, as, depending on the format used, it will be converted to a smaller flash video size. E.g. I have seen 800 MB QuickTime videos that was converted to 14 MB FLV.

But, great news nevertheless and it works quite well too - and it is much better in quality than YouTube.

And, don't miss this funny video:

Loading Video
(Note: You need Flash 9+ to watch these videos)

(via Flickr Blog, Video from Heather)

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