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The Future of Bus Stops

Written by on May 24, 2009

I admit that I never use public transportation, because it is impractical for me to do (it takes longer to just get too the bus stop, than it takes for me to drive all the way to work). But this futuristic bus stop from MIT Senseable Lab looks really interesting.

The purpose of a bus stop is to do two things. One, it should tell you when the next bus will arrive (and how you can get to where you want to go). And, secondly, it should pass the time while you wait.

EyeStop does both really well. People can  plan  a  bus  trip  on  an  interactive  map,  exchange community‐relevant  information  on  a  digital  message  board,  surf  the  web,  monitor  their  real  time  exposure  to pollutants  and  use  their  mobile  devices  as  an  interface  with  the  bus  shelter. 

It is extremely energy efficient, since it is powered by solar power. And it is using next generation epaper for the visuals.

And since it is internet enabled, you can have real time feedback on bus times, getting up to speed on delays, changes to bus routes and other relevant information.

(via MIT Senseable Lab)

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