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EA never made it out of the 1990s

Written by on November 10, 2007

When you buy something from Electronic Arts, they recommend that you should create a backup of your downloaded files. Good advice, except that they are not really up-to-date.

Translated text:
Save a copy of your downloaded files on a Zip-drive, floppy disk etc. in case you computer breaks down.

I need about 3,500 floppy disks to save the 4.7GB product I bought! Ohhh... Wait a minute - I do not even own such antiquated technology.

BTW: The current EA shop is only about 6 months old - why didn't anyone think about what text they used when they created the new online shop? This is a case of blind-copy/pasting.

A good thing to do, is to reserve one day each year to check all the status, notification, system and error text that is in your web applications. The world changes fast, and it is likely that you need to make some adjustments to stay fresh.

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