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Being a CEO suddenly doesnt seems that great

Written by on March 21, 2008

Last week Jessica Hagy created this simple illustration - and I think it is true in most cases.

Not good if you are the "Automation Manager and Change Practice Innovation Officer" (AMCPI), the "Usability and Innovation Manager for Assistive Information Appliances" (UIM-AIA) or simply an "Executive Quality Assurance and inspection Officer" (EQAIO).

It is probably also true for non managers. If you are the "Second Class Environment Protection Assistant - Fourth Level" or an "Education Centre Nourishment Production Assistant" you are probably not much better off...

Other silly job titles

Anyway, just for some Easter fun, here are the top 20 silly job titles from "The Sun":

  1. Vision Clearance Engineer (window cleaner)
  2. Education Centre Nourishment Production Assistant (dinner lady)
  3. Waste Removal Engineer (binman)
  4. Domestic Engineer (housewife)
  5. Knowledge Navigator (teacher)
  6. Flueologist (chimney sweep)
  7. Stock Replenishment Adviser (supermarket shelf stacker)
  8. Head of Verbal Communications (receptionist/secretary)
  9. Petroleum Transfer Engineer (petrol station worker)
  10. Foot Health Gain Facilitator (chiropodist)
  11. Coin Facilitation Engineer (toll booth collector)
  12. Cash Relation Officer (banker)
  13. Environment Improvement Technician (cleaner)
  14. Revenue Protection Officer (transport ticket inspector)
  15. Technical Horticultural Maintenance Officer (gardener)
  16. Wastewater Treatment Officer (sewage worker)
  17. Crockery Cleansing Operative (washer-up)
  18. Space Consultant (estate agent)
  19. Media Distribution Officer (paperboy)
  20. Dispatch Services Facilitator (post room worker)

(via Indexed, The Sun)

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