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Blogging tips from Seth Godin and Microsoft

Written by on December 21, 2007

Here is a bit of information that you can digest over Christmas. Seth Godin recently released a new eBook (for free) about how to build websites and traffic - including blogs.

It turns out that the new playing field enforced by the search engines is eliminating many of the shortcuts that used to be effective. In other words, the best way is the long way.

The long way is to create content that is updated, unique and useful. Again and again we see that sites that do all three manage to get more than their fair share of traffic. So, I guess the title of the ebook is a bit misleading. The clicks don't cost money, but they do take effort. That's good news for people who have more talent than cash.

- Seth Godin

The eBook is heavily "infested" with information for or about Squidoo, which Seth founded in 2005. But, still there are a number of useful tips in there.

You can download the eBook here (direct link - PDF)

Also, Laura Foy, from On10, recently talked with a lot of Microsoft people about their experience about blogging, what they think you should do and a few other useful tips. Here is the video:

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