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Using Bandwidth like it was Free

Written by on April 24, 2008

Some of my readers have told me that my site is occasionally slow. And I agree. I have noticed it myself at times. So I took a look at my statistics - specifically how much bandwidth that is being used. And it's a lot.

In April 2007 (one year ago) this site streamed 17,645 MB of data per month. That's quite a bit. But, in April 2008 (this month) my web server has sent... hang on... 271,107 MB of data. That is a quarter of a terabyte of data! Holy crap!

Now, I must admit that I am not completely surprised. I have deliberately been using more videos and images to illustrate my point. And, I started my design "magazine" which is all about the visuals.

Just to give you some examples. One of the most popular articles on this site - 7 Tricks to Viral Marketing - is also one of the biggest. If you read that article, and watch all the embedded videos, you actually requested 107 MB of data (there are 12 videos on that page)

So this site is not exactly modem-friendly. In fact, you need a pretty good DSL connection to really enjoy it.

It's funny though. I remember when I started working with the web. Back then you would be in trouble if you made a page that was larger than 30kb in total. Today you can create a page that is over 100 MB in size - and people love it.

High-speed internet is great. I wonder how we managed to live without it in the past...

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