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Baekdal Design 1 year old

Written by on August 20, 2008

Baekdal Design, the design section of this site, is now one year old. I started showcasing design because I thought it would be a good supplement to my articles, and that turned out to be one of the most successful website launches I have ever made.

In just a single year, my design section has propelled this site to a completely new level. I have had an increase of visitor of a staggering 1120% - which I did not expect. And it is all thanks to you!

The most popular design articles are:

Skelewags; this artwork was something I found on a forum, thought "Mmm... that's nice" and posted it on my site. Shortly thereafter people started flocking in to see it and when it peaked I had more than 17.000 visitors in a single day.

"Soft as a Rock"; the article about cushions made to look like rocks. Whereas Skelewags was popular over a long period of time, this article was popular for only about a month. It peaked two days after I published it with 37,478 people coming in to see it (just that day). The next day, when it looked like it would be seen by even more people, my site crashed under the pressure and stayed offline for more than 4 hours (not something I was pleased about).

One month later I published an article about Ronel Jordaan's rock cushions, I thought that would be even more popular - but it wasn't. People have had their fun, and had already moved on to something else.

March was the month of the cats and in April it was all about the Apollo 11 poster. Not only was it very popular, but it is also one of the most discussed articles on this site.

Then came Gina, the new concept car from BMW, and the Yakkay bicycle helmets, which was also immensely popular.

And right now the popular thing is the vintage "Rocketship Tours" posters. Yesterday more than 8,000 people came to see them just from StumbleUpon.

Baekdal Design accounts for about 55% of my traffic, and while it is the most popular section of the site, it is still only a supplement. It is something for you to look at, to get inspire by, while I finish my next "real" article.

Again, thank you. would be nothing without you.

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Thomas Baekdal

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