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Something to think about... / blog, offline for a few days (back online)

Written by on December 5, 2008

I have run into a rather strange problem. Two days ago I got an email from my hosting company that is too big for them to handle. They wrote:

Network Violation CPU Overutilization:
It has come to our attention that your hosting account for is causing an overload of the shared resources on this server. This, in turn, affects the server performance for other customers. After review it appears this is being caused due to the traffic volume on your website. We are recommending that you migrate to a Virtual Dedicated or Dedicated server based on the traffic being received.

On one hand this is great news. I like being big. Big is good. But, not when it means that I cannot run my site.

The bottom-line is that I have to move my site to a more scalable server system within the next 5 days. If I fail to do that simply disappears from the internet. Just this read this follow-up email when I asked for more time.

Thank you for your response, we are able to provide an additional 5 days in order to migrate your content to gird hosting or to a virtual/fully dedicated server. Please note, however, if your shared hosting account for continues to over-utilize shared resources on the server, your account could still be suspended to protect the overall health of the server and so you are not negatively affecting other customers located on the same server.

But the show must go one. Starting today, I am going to move to a new "grid" hosting plan. It is a new type of plan where my site is hosted, not from a single server, but from a lot of servers. I am also going to update my backend system to a more efficient platform.

While this move is technically easy, it is going to take some time due to the amount of data and systems I have. I did plan to move the site without any downtime, but with this kind of deadline the move is not going to be pretty.

Several things will happen over the next few days...

  • You will see a lot of errors
  • The site might not work at all
  • Styling is certainly not going to work
  • And you cannot read or post comments
  • I will not be posting any new content until after the move.

Consider this site as a temporary disaster zone in the middle of relief efforts, during a thunderstorm on a very dark night.

The upside is that the performance problems I have been having should be a thing of the past.

BTW: And in case you are wondering. YES! I am pissed that I only got 5 days to "save" my site.

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