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Introducing Kindle 2 and Kindle 3

Written by on February 9, 2009

Today, Amazon introduced the much-anticipated Kindle 2, and it is quite good looking. It has a sleek design, its thinner, lighter, supports 16 shades of gray (as if that was something), 25% longer battery life, more storage, 20% faster page turns, and a text-to-speech feature. It's sweet... Or is it?

I am a big fan of ebooks. I read one book every single week (although a large part of them are novels). The best thing about ebooks is that it is so simple to use, it takes up almost no space, and they are much cheaper to buy.

I am using my iPod Touch as my ebook reader (using eReader). And while it is actually pretty good, it is just a bit too small at times. So the Amazon Kindle should be the perfect choice for me.

But here is the thing. While I certainly like the progress that Amazon is making, they are still designing computers - not digital books. Just look at it. It does look rather nice, but what is up with all those buttons and the big keyboard. I don't want a keyboard, I want an eBook.

I want nothing to get in my way of the reading experience. I don't want a computer. I don't want any buttons. I don't want to move a cursor around the screen in order to highlight something. I don't want to be reminded of anything even remotely related to an operating system.

Not to mention that the real Kindle 2 is the size of a normal book, but the screen is half that. So you get a big device, but a huge amount of space is used for something else than the screen. This is like a mobile phone before the iPhone.

Kindle 3 Concept

The Kindle 2 should look like the "Kindle 3 concept" that you can see below. Just one big screen, with a touch-sensitive surface and nothing else. This would give me the experience that I want. It got 100% focus on the content, instead of the device and its buttons.

You "flip" the pages by making a quick swiping gesture over the screen. And, since the screen fills the entire device, your ebook is also the same size as a normal book.

More pictures of the "real" Kindle 2

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