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HTC Touch Diamond/Pro 2

Written by on February 17, 2009

HTC has updated their line of touch mobiles with the HTC Touch Pro 2 and the HTC Touch Diamond 2. This is the second generation of both phones, and I must say that they both look amazing.

I am just getting more and more impressed with HTC. They create really cool designs, and they spend a lot of time optimizing the experience.

Both mobiles still come with the Windows Mobile system, but they have added their own system on top of that, so you rarely see it. And that is a good thing, because Windows Mobile is just not up to the standards that we see from the iPhone, the Palm Pre or even on the new Symbian based phones.

Microsoft did announce version 6.5 yesterday at the Mobile World conference in Barcelona. But while they did update the interface from being stylus based to touch based, it is still not even close to the amazing experience you get from other sources. It is expected that Microsoft will released Windows Mobile 7 at about the same time as they are releasing Windows 7, so this is merely a "quick update" to buy some time.

Should you buy the new HTC Touch 2s? Well, yes and no. I own the first generation HTC Touch Diamond, and it is just not good enough. Speed is the biggest problem. Design fanciness, where fancy interface design gets in the way of using the product in any meaningful way, is another.

But the new phones are a lot faster, and they have optimized their TouchFlo 3D interfaces, so most of these annoyances should be solved. Although it is still not always reacting to your touch gestures. It is, however, one of the most beautiful phones around.

My personal advice is still to buy two devices. You should buy the iPod Touch, instead of the iPhone. There is simply no match for how much you can do with an iPod Touch. I could not see myself without one.

But then you also need to buy a mobile phone capable of calling people, sending and receiving email, and includes a GPS. My personal choice would be the HTC Touch Diamond 2, unless you are a heavy business user, then you should choose the HTC Touch Pro 2. I just very impressed with what HTC is doing with them.

BTW: Sam Diaz recommends the same, although he opted for a Blackberry Storm instead of the HTC Touch Pro 2.

Both phones will be available across Europe and Asia in early Q2 2009 with broader global availability coming later in the year.

HTC Touch Diamond 2

HTC Touch Pro 2

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