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10 Ways to Create Better Presentations

Written by on November 6, 2007

I did plan to write a relatively long article about how to create effective presentations, but then I watched this funny video which said it all in less than 4 minutes:

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(Note: You need Flash 9+ to watch these videos)

I do have a few tips that might be useful too:

  1. If it works on paper, then it doesn't work in your presentation
  2. Never use bulleted lists - ever
  3. Only change slides when you change the subject
  4. Never frame your content (remove any graphics surrounding your presentation)
  5. Forget about your logo on every slide
  6. Video is a very powerful piece of content.
  7. One word speaks louder than a thousand
  8. Never show people what you say - never say what you show
  9. Never change slides mid-sentence - it distracts the audience from listening to what you say.
  10. Never spend more than 45 minutes (read: 15 minutes)
  11. Never talk about more than you are supposed to

Most importantly... If it looks like something made in PowerPoint then you have failed.

Note: Of course that goes for every presentation software out there.

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