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The Future of VR and 360 Video




Written by on March 23, 2016

One of the things that everyone in media is talking about these days is the future of VR, and especially all the 'new' things like virtual reality apps and 360 degree videos.

So in this article, we will take a look at both of these. We will talk about what is the future, what isn't the future, and also about how things need to be taken to a completely different level than what we see today.

Before I start, though, we have to discuss the scope of things, and especially how far into the future are we talking about? If we are only talking about 2016, then the future is mostly gimmicky. There is no real business scope for any of the things we see today.

If we talk about five years into the future, to 2021, then things start to look slightly more interesting, but we are still limited by all the behaviors, technology and problems with access that exist today.

However, if we look 20 years into the future, to 2036, then a lot of things are likely to change simply because we would have eliminated most of the limitations that we see today.

In this article, we will mostly focus on 2021 by talking about how we need to move beyond 2016. I will not talk about 2036, but I will point out some of the limitations that we will have in 2021 which might have vanished by then.

Sound good?

So, let's go. I will first talk about virtual reality and then 360 degree experiences.

Virtual reality

The future of virtual reality is actually quite interesting, but we need to talk about something here. When I see journalists talk about virtual reality, they talk about it as if it's something completely new. And we see journalists at media conferences appearing gobsmacked about this new wonder.

One example was at the latest News:ReWired conference where journalists apparently tried it for the 'first time'.

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