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Strategic analysis
The Future of Active Advertising

Instead of just asking people to look, bring your shop into the advertisements. Give people the ability to act directly.



Written by on January 4, 2012

Just before Christmas I posted an analysis of the future of advertising. In it you can read how print advertising has already disappeared, and that digital advertising is not much better. With more and more sources, even if the overall advertising market grows, the ad revenue for each publisher is going to decline.

This report is a follow up on that article. While advertising in general is not going to be a primary source of income for publishers, nor a positive return on investment for brands, there is a new advertising revolution coming - and that is very interesting.

Call it the future of *active* advertising.

If we look at the world around us, what has happened in recent years is that we have moved from passive exposure to active connections. At the same time, the limitations of the physical world have been reduced to a simple click. Want to buy a pair of shoes? Click. Done!

Passive advertising doesn't really work in the new world. It reintroduces a delay and a cumbersome workflow compared to the *new normal* of being instantly connected.

So what does that mean?

Let's take a simple example. If you are reading a magazine on your iPad, you will find advertising like this; a completely standard print-ad.

Sure, they sometimes add a video, or maybe you click on something, but it is all 100% passive-look-at-this-but-don't-do-anything. It is almost like the brand knows you are not going to care about it.

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