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The Future for Wearables of News




Written by on March 19, 2015

Now that the Apple Watch is here, the media is having one of its seizures. "OMG OMG stop everything. We have to be wearable. Just look at how mobile changed everything. Quick, make an app, no two apps. And notifications. We need notifications!"

And already, many of the big media companies has made an app for Apple Watch, and many more are talking about it. Most of these are done without really thinking about it. It's just regurgitated content, now cramped into the size of a watch, limited to about 80 characters, with no real use.

For instance, here is The Guardian's watch app and their idea of what you need to see:

Okay, so I agree about the sports scores. If that is truly live, I do see a use for that. But why would I want to see that in a newspaper app? Why would I want to see it in the midst of a package of other random content. If I was interested in football, I would either ask Siri what the current score is, or use a dedicated app just for that. An app that was far more tailored to that experience. An app that was designed for that sport.

Newspaper apps don't have any of that. They all suffer from the same 'a little bit of everything' syndrome that they have from print.

What The Guardian is doing is not to create a wearable experience. They are just recreating print on your wrist, and I do not see any point in that.

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