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Strategic analysis
The Three Probable Future Paths of News




Written by on November 13, 2015

As a media analyst, my main job is to look at the trends, compare these to what people are doing today, and look at each resulting future path from a probabilistic view. That is, which outcome is the most likely one to happen, and over what span of time?

And when I look at the future of news, in simple terms, I see three possible paths. Let's explore these in this article:

Path #1: It's just a question of supply and demand

The first path is that nothing will happen to the role of journalism. This might seem a bit strange considering all the things that has already happened, but think about it like this.

What we have been seeing over the past 15 years is that the old geographic boundaries has opened up, and people can now get news from wherever they want. This means that the old markets of smaller local newspapers are now being replaced by bigger newspapers.

For instance, why read The Poughkeepsie Journal when you can read the New York Times for news and ESPN for sports?

You could argue that the transformation of news is simply a question of supply and demand. Since most newspapers cover the same stories as everyone else, we simply have too much supply of the same stories compared to the demand.

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