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Strategy Guide: The New Media Press Center

A modern press center should not be hidden away in another part of your site. It should be completely integrated directly into your web shop, as a part of your product pages themselves.



Written by on May 5, 2011

The website press center is one of those areas that have been drastically neglected in recent years. Most press centers haven't really evolved in the past 10 years. Should brands just completely stop having a press center and instead outsource it to a PR company?

There are many things that point in that direction. First we have the drastic increase in social media, in which people do not write about your products. They merely share a link to them. This, in turn, removes much of the focus on bloggers that brands had just four years ago.

We have the demise of print, and a drastic expansion of choices. The world is becoming more and more globally connected. Gone are the days when a magazine just wrote about local products. It introduced an abundance of choices, which lead to a dramatically lower interest from the press.

The result is that most press centers have turned into ghost towns with very little relevance. Why even bother? Where is the ROI?

But this is entirely the wrong way to look at it. You need a press center. You need it far more than you ever needed it in the past. But you need a completely different type of press center. One that flows with your social activity, and one that ties into the fast-paced global audience.

You do not need a press center hidden away in a semi-closed area of your website (behind a login form), filled with general mass-media information that has no purpose or focus.

Ask these three questions:

  • Who are the press?
  • How do they operate?
  • What do they need?

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