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Strategic analysis
Obama's use of Social Media (Report)

Written by on January 28, 2009

Edelman has created the report "The Social Pulpit", which highlights how Barack Obama used social media to win the presidency.

It is an interesting look at how social media works, what you should do, and why many different channels combine into one social movement.

In short: Social media lessons from the Obama campaign

  • Start early
  • Build to scale
  • Innovate where necessary; do everything else incrementally better
  • Make it easy to find, forward and act
  • Pick where you want to play
  • Channel online enthusiasm into specific targeted activities that further the campaign's goals
  • Integrate online advocacy into every element of the campaign

...and the step approach they used:

BTW: The above diagram is a good way to get companies to get into the social movement. It makes kinda sense to them. First you make a website, then you make it better, then you start to do "the other stuff", and then you can move outside your website and start to use social media.

But here is an idea... Why not do it in reverse? Why not start by flying, and then, if that worked, you can figure out how to walk too.

[interrupting] Jarvis, sometimes you've got to run before you can walk.

- Tony Stark - Ironman

» Download the report (PDF)

(via Guy Kawasaki)

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