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Introduction To The Future of Learning Analytics




Written by on April 27, 2015

There is a new form of analytics coming. It's called learning analytics, and it's going to change everything. Here is how it works.

Analytics is such a fascinating thing because it's designed to tell us things about us that we didn't even know. And, for years, we have been trying to perfect it in every way possible.

In the early days, analytics were merely a counter. We would count how many times something happened, which would then be reported back to us in a fancy looking dashboard.

For instance, we could see that this article had this many pageviews. Or that this many visits came from that country, that this total number of views were using that device, or this much traffic came via that source.

Most of our analytics work this way.

This is not a bad thing as such, especially when you dig deeper into the data. If you can add the ability to filter and segment the data (which just means you are counting it in a different way), you can learn a lot more from it.

Traditional analytics have helped us in many wonderful ways.

There is, however, one big problem with traditional analytics. It's defined almost solely around single metrics, and by themselves, they rarely tell us the right story.

Take pageviews. Your top articles in terms of views, are rarely the best performing articles for your business. Sure, they bring in a lot of traffic, but they also often bring in the wrong type of traffic.

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