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Debunking The Digital Magazine



Written by on April 4, 2010

The iPad has arrived, and the media industry is saved. Of course, when I say it has arrived, what I really mean is that it is now available in the U.S. And when I say that the media industry is saved, I really mean they think they're saved.

One thing that is immediately apparent though is that the media industry is pretty far from being saved. Just look at The Wall Street Journal for the iPad. They have literally taken the printed newspaper, converted it to the iPad format, and ...well, really nothing else.

They are completely ignoring everything that has happened to the media industry in the past 10 years--namely, the internet. Just look at the screen below, which is divided into newspapers per day!?!

Here is a tip. We don't want newspapers; we want news! Deliver "news," not "papers"

It was the same when Sports Illustrated showcased their magazine for tablets (and possible the iPad.) The first thing they said was "We hope you like the cover..". The cover??? Why would I even be remotely interested in that? Why are you even showing me a cover--haven't you learned anything?

A cover is what we on the internet call a splash screen. It was something that many websites used a long way back, and everyone hated it. Everyone! So today, you no longer see any "cover pages" online.

Note: GQ goes a step further and let you browse the covers--as if they are something magical.

The first question people want answered is "What great stories do you have for me, right now?"

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