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Guest Posting on Baekdal

I'm constantly amazed by the people who read this site, most of you are really talented and who work with new media every day. Many of you have amazing stories and knowledge that the rest of us would love to hear.

Why not share it?

Guest posting on is a great way to enhance your personal brand. I do it occasionally, like when I wrote "7 'Secret' Ways To Use Twitter Search" for Twitip. It provided me with a nice boost on Twitter.

And, all guest posts will feature a prominent profile box at the end of each article. Like this one:

About the Author: Thomas Baekdal is a writer, magazine publisher, and new media advocate. He published the new media magazine You can follow him on Twitter or on Facebook

So If you have something to share, write an article about it.

Note: is read by about 500,000 readers per month, but quality, and relevance of your article determine how many of those who will read it. Some articles are only read by about 1,000 people, while others are read by 75,000 people.

Guest posting guidelines

Only original and unique content is accepted. Content posted on Baekdal may not be republished on another site. Nor may it be a rewritten summary. It must come from you, based on your knowledge.

It has to be relevant. The readers of are a mix of new media professionals, from the world of publishing (journalists, editors, publishers), the trend world (futurists, analysts, researchers), developers/designers (usually from startups, or new media houses) and marketing people. All of them are here because they want to succeed with new media.

Write for them!

Don't try to be fancy! The main reasons why Baekdal is as big as it is, is because I look at a topic, distill it to the most important element, focus on it, and turn that into a story using simple words and metaphors. They key is not to try to sound like a pro, don't use fancy words like "Companies should optimize distributed paradigms"; instead write "use more than one channel."

Use real words for real people, and leave the fancy words to the clueless managers.

Write well. Don't write really long sentences or paragraphs, write 2-3 sentences per paragraph, mind your spelling and grammar, and don't use double negatives.

But most of all, write a story. Write something that sounds good when read aloud. Start with the point, then explain it. And, use strong words if you have a strong point. Make it feel like it was writing by a living being.

How to submit an article

Simply, send it to I will then read it and get back to you. Same thing if you just have an idea for an article.

I look forward to helping you reach a larger audience.

Thomas Baekdal - Founder / Editor in Chief

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Thomas Baekdal

Thomas Baekdal

Founder of Baekdal, author, writer, strategic consultant, and new media advocate.


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