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  • More than one million visitors per month (absolute unique visitors)
  • 1.700,000 page views


Baekdal is read by people from USA (65%), United Kingdom (7%), Canada (6%), Germany (2%), and Australia (2%), with the rest of the world making up the remaining 18%.

Men accounts for 60% of the traffic and women accounts for 40%. The site is read by people of all ages with 18-34 being the largest demographic.

Sponsored Articles

Baekdal accepts sponsored articles. Sponsored articles are written by a company to as way to link a valuable article to a company brand. Each article is preceded by a short paragraph introducing the company or brand who sponsored the article, with a link to the company or brand.

Sponsored articles costs a one-time fee of $250

All sponsored articles must adhere to normal guest posts requirements.

Special campaigns

We also offer special advertisers to create special advertisements for campaigns. With a special campaign you will have exclusivity, and you can create much bigger and more prominent ads.

A special campaign starts at $20 CPM

Ad screening

All ads will be screened before they are accepted. Baekdal is about quality, and believes very strongly in only showing relevant ads. These following types of ads will, by default, not be accepted on

  • Spam, Phishing or scam ads
  • Adult ads of any kind (including ads for dating sites)
  • Political ads
  • Obscene, violent or offensive ads
  • Ads that appear to be endorsed by
  • Anything related to casinos, pills etc.

Other ads will generally be accepted, but Baekdal reserve the right to refuse any advertisements for any reason.

Animated ads will only be accepted if they look nice, and doesn't cause uncomfortable distractions. Blinking, spinning, or flashing ads will not be accepted.


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Thomas Baekdal

Thomas Baekdal

Founder of Baekdal, author, writer, strategic consultant, and new media advocate.


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