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Baekdal was founded in 2004 as magazine about "the great experience" and at the beginning it was mostly about how to make great stuff. In 2007, the focuses shifted more towards "why you should you do things in certain way," and later in 2008 the focus again shifted towards "what does it all mean?"

In 2009, social media, and the big digital disruption of the media industry, caused to add a new focus - namely "how do you publish in a connected world?"

While is in a constant state of change, one thing that does remain fixed, is that is about understanding the modern digital world from a media perspective.

It is targeted media professionals from both the publishing industry and the marketing industry. It is about the mix between publishers, brands, and people.

Thomas Baekdal

I have more than 13 years of experience working with new media, as well as running magazine like websites. I started my first online magazine back in 1999, called the The Canvas Community, which quickly grew to become the most popular site within its niche. In 2001 I started an online fashion magazine for a European fashion retailer, and in 2004 I started

I started out in life as a fashion designer, but later moved on to teach people how to design clothes digitally. But I quickly realized that my true calling was in new media. Until late 2010 I held position as a Internet/Social Media/Digital Media Manager for one of the biggest fashion companies in Scandinavia.

This unusual mix of design, fashion, media, and publishing - from a both the perspective as a publisher and a consumer brand - means that I approach change from a unique perspective.

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Feel free to contact and Thomas Baekdal, with any questions, request or proposals you might have.

Odinsgade 51
DK-7100 Vejle

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